Our Approach

People want to know who you are. Not just what you offer. So whatever the project, our focus is to create something that will feel authentic and genuine. Something that will connect people to you. We carefully consider every detail, from lighting and shooting, to music selection, to the pace of each shot in the edit. We want people to feel your brand.

Our Story

We came from creating wedding films. Maybe that's an unlikely start. We found those 8 years to be the perfect teacher in crafting genuine films about people, with all their perfectly unique qualities. Getting at the heart of individuals was a welcome challenge, and groomed us in ways we couldn't have predicted. There's something so captivating about seeing people in their genuine state. You get at the heart of who they are. We wanted to bring that life to the branding and business world. To push the edge of what is considered safe and mundane in typical corporate videos. That is our new challenge with the goal remaining the same: connect people through the creation of a genuine, personal film. It should be bold. It should stand out. It should be Cavalier.

Meet the Team

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" -H. Keller

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CEO / Cinematographer / Editor

I like coffee. I mean, I really like coffee. My love for it started in Seattle where I graduated from the Art Institute in 2008. A lot about film making has changed since I graduated, but at the core one thing remains the same: people. Every captivating film or story is centered around people. That works out nicely for me because I'm a people person. I am a people person making films that connect people to other people. All while drinking americanos.

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Cinematographer / Editor

Braveheart is my favorite film. It’s the reason I want to make films. It made me feel all kinds of emotions. And that’s powerful. There’s no better medium to make a person feel how you want them to feel. It’s what makes film so impactful. I don’t like talking, but I love to listen. Film is sharing a listening experience.

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Writer / Photographer

By default, I’m a lover of what’s emotive. What’s lively. What’s eye-catching. I find so much joy in catching life as it happens, as I see it. If photos are to be timeless, they should tell a story. One that makes you laugh or cry or just feel connected. It’s a self-determined challenge I find so thrilling and exhilarating. Enjoying life as a wife, a mom, and a daughter of the King.

Next Step

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